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About Us

For many customers, DialAct has become a complete solution vendor. We provide full range of custom engineering and production solutions. We also engineer and produce finished assemblies.

Our capabilities are:

• Liquid Resin Casting – parts produced by LRC are of superior quality.

• CNC machines that manufacture parts used by our customers in conjunction with cast plastic products.

• 3D printer Eden 350V produces details with 16micron resolution and exceptional smooth surfaces.

In 2004, DialAct licensed a patented FLOWTEK™ Vascular Demonstration Module. This instrument was designed by our engineers in close cooperation with the inventor, a neurosurgeon Dr.Levy, and is now produced and marketed by DialAct. This tabletop vascular demonstration unit is used by hundreds of producers of medical devices as well as medical professionals and researchers to develop, demonstrate and train such techniques as AVM gluing, aneurism coiling, placement of carotid and aneurism stents, etc.

We cover entire spectrum of services: buying directly from your vendors, maintaining inventory, completing component assembly, testing various components prior to shipment, etc. DialAct will even make certain parts and components in-house in order to save you money and ensure that you have full control over the quality of your product.

We look forward to working with you to transform your ideas into commercial products.


Contact Information:

Phone: 510 659 8099
Fax: 510 659 8464
Email: mail@dialact.com


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